Most of our home chefs are passionate cooks who have been cooking for years for friends and family. Some make use of family recipes that have been passed down generations, while others have concocted recipes that take into account the demands of today’s customers. Some our home chefs work part-time with us, while the majority make their sole income via Foodmario.

Working with Foodmario makes a lot of sense for our home chefs. Because Foodmario is in charge of giving them platfrom & connecting them to delivery people if needed, the chefs can focus on cooking. Foodmario will also do the marketing on behalf of the home chefs and ensure increased customer reach. Furthermore, our chefs incur low startup costs because they make use of their existing kitchen, instead of being compelled to operate out of expensive commercial spaces.

Nothing beats home-cooking. Except perhaps home-cooked fare delivered wherever you are, whenever you want it. There already exists a ready market of hungry customers seeking wholesome home-cooked fare. But before Foodmario was established, a critical mass of home cooks willing to get into the business of catering to this market did not exist in Nepal. That is why Foodmario has since its inception focused on encouraging home cooks to become home-based entrepreneurs, by helping them learn the business ropes, increasing market reach for them, and supporting their growth as entrepreneurs. Furthermore, Foodmario makes use of its trove of traffic-behaviour data to speedily deliver the chefs’ creations to customers. And armed with its tech platform, optimised to streamline every aspect of operations, the company is now ready to scale almost exponentially—by bringing on board hundreds more home chefs and delivering homemade dishes to thousands more customers in Kathmandu, and beyond. Once Foodmario has got Nepal covered, it will set up similar operations in other markets around the world.

Message from founder


Rohit TiwariCo-Founder/ CEO

Foodmario’s current success hinges on us encouraging the chefs to take complete ownership of their business. The chefs run their own profile pages hosted on the Foodmario platform, and the chefs are encouraged to build a rapport with their customers through regular engagements. Owing to the team’s operational learnings and its robust tech platform, Foodmario can quickly bring new home chefs on board, streamline their business operations and rapidly add even more home chefs to their ever-increasing pool. We today believe anyone can be an entrepreneur, and they can bring positive change to economy rite from there home.