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Aashmini Bhetwal (Kathmandu-based food blogger)

Daal Bhat in Kathmandu

Daal Bhat is a traditional meal formerly originated and spread widely from the Indian sub-continent. Daal Bhat is mostly popular in many areas of Nepal, Bangladesh and India as well. Daal Bhat is consumed all over Nepal and has resulted being one of the dominant cuisines here in Nepal. It has been followed and eaten by Nepalese since the very beginning and this practice of eating Daal Bhat as a main dish has been passed down through generations. "Dal" is basically a soup made up of lentils and "Bhat" stands for cooked or boiled rice. Every place you visit in Nepal to dine, you are sure to find Daal & Bhat as a leading dish they have in their checklist. Daal bhat is also believed to be one of the healthiest dishs because it consists of all kinds of nutrients needed for ones sound health and fit body. It is taken mostly with Tarkari(cooked vegetables), curry and sometimes pickle for taste. It favors the both vegetarian and non-vegetarian.

A typical Nepali cuisine is now available in Kathmandu. A healthy clean and unblemished Daal Bhat meal embarks Kathmandu this season. We are utterly familiar with this very dish and this special dish always seems inviting without any doubt, chiefly when you are a Nepali. Nepalese eat Daal Bhat almost 2-3 times a day which concludes that Daal Bhat is the most preferred dish in Kathmandu.The different categories of Daal gives protein to your body, and helps you live a fruitful life. We are quite aware of the negligence the food services in Kathmandu follow in relation to food and especially in terms of daal bhat. However, we come up with home cooked Daal Bhat dish that gives the best hygiene and cleanliness assurance. A whole of Daal Bhat set that includes the basics in a Nepali khana set is accessible now all around Kathmandu valley. The home cooked Daal Bhat takes you back to your mom’s kitchen that once used to allure you with its aroma. It gives the best taste with the best nutrition, and I bet no one here wants to miss out the stunning taste of this home spun dish. As mentioned before, the set consists of different varieties and not just boiled rice and the different types of lentils. It consists of seasonable vegetables (Black eyed peas, Lettuce, Spinach, Radish, etc., curry such as eggs, chicken,etc. and pickles of different fruits, tomato, etc). It’s an offer for both the vegetarians and the non-vegetarians. The vegetarians usually have paneer and mushrooms whereupon, the non-vegetarians can go up or opt for non-veg curries such as chicken, mutton, eggs, and so on. The assemblage of all these varieties in a single dish is a set of Daal Bhat that is served.

Therefore, the all-time favorite dish for all the Nepalese, the Daal Bhat dish is now reachable in Kathmandu. Home cooked Daal Bhat set is ready to take off Kathmandu town as one of the best, advantageous and nourishing meal one has ever had.