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Aashmini Bhetwal (Kathmandu-based Food Blogger)

The National Sapor; GundrukDhido

There is a saying, "Kitchens are for bringing families together". Well, this year, invite your neighbors for a meal, with whom you barely have a warm encounter with, call upon the man you see on your way to work having a taqiyah(pillow) on his head and the guy at the local store having a sacred thread across his chest, call upon the Buddhist monk and the old woman downstairs with traditional "Bulaki" on her nose. The family next door who speak Bahing and of course, the priest in church, welcome the man from the Terai and the Alpinist from the Himalayas, yes, this year unify your civilians at one fell swoop along with the honored national dish, the one of everyone’s treasured, the one thing that denotes every Nepali, the GundrukDhido. Right, GundrukDhido is the national cuisine of Nepal. It has been one of the most worshipped dish here. As the name itself suggests, it consists of two prime dishes they are apparently, Gundruk and Dhido themselves. Basically Dhido is a heavy or thick porridge formed by either millet flour, corn flour or buckwheat flour while Gundruk is a dried leafy vegetable of its own that is cooked as a soup. The recipe of this is as simple as it looks.

The ingredients used in preparing Dhido 
∙ Water
∙ Flour (millet, corn or buckwheat, any of your choice)

The utensils used are:
∙ A big pot (generally known as Kasaudi)

∙ Spatula

To start off, a pot or kasaudi is heated, when it gets heated, water is poured in the pot. Later the flour is added into it until the water gets completely boiled. After that the dish is stirred properly until Dhido gets cooked. After that, let it cook for about 7-10 minutes. Ingredients such as salt and sugar can also be added according to your taste.

For Gundruk, the ingredients used are:
∙ Gundruk
∙ Chopped onions
∙ Dry chilli pepper
∙ Salt to taste
∙ Turmeric powder
∙ Water
∙ Diced tomatoes
∙ Chopped potatoes
∙ Minced garlic and ginger
∙ Cumin seeds
∙ Cooking oil
∙ Cilantro

The utensils used 
∙ A bowl
∙ A sauce pan

The Gundruk is let to soak in water for about 10-15 minutes. The cooking oil is heated in a sauce pan. While it gets heated, ingredients such as dry chili and cumin seeds are added on the pan. After that the Gundruk is drained out of the water and added in the heated sauce pan. Late, other ingredients like ginger garlic, turmeric powder, salt, and onions are added in the Gundruk. Then the remaining ingredients that are tomatoes and potatoes are added and stirred with enough water, later mixture is let to boil for about half an hour or so until the potatoes become fragile. As a consequence, a soup is created of your choice. You can garnish the dish with cilantro later.

Hence the dish is ready to be served. However it doesn’t end here,there are ways of eating Dhido, one of the most followed way is eating it by making small globe of the dish and dipping it
in a bowl containing a soup of Gundruk. It is swallowed and notchewed. Therefore,are you up for uniting your folks together with this traditional dish.