How to make Sel Roti at home?

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Aashmini Bhetwal (Kathmandu-based Food Blogger)

SelRoti ; the most delicious rings.

A jovial occasion, throng of guests and a first-rate feast to serve. Well, as for us Nepalese, eating and dining has always been a divine part during our festive seasons. Every home you come across, have their finest assistance to provide, exclusively in relation to food and cooking. By a wide margin, this time of the year is all about celebration and fare. Furthermore to get on, Dashian and Tihar, the most awaited festivals for all the Nepalese, have thousands of varieties in terms of food. And the circles of Sel Roti are amongst the main and one of everyone’s favorite. Nepali doughnut, the all-time cherished Sel roti is basically a Nepali traditional food that has been taken as a treat since very beginning. Not only is it eaten during Dashian and Tihar but is also famous during weddings and other ceremonies as well. It is famous in Nepal and places having Nepali tribe in India such as Darjeeling, Sikkim and Kalimpong. It symbolizes Nepalese and their culture.

The ingredients used for the preparation of this delicacy 
∙ 3 cups of white rice
∙ 1 cup of sugar
∙ 3/4 cup of butter (ghee)
∙ 3/4 cups of vegetable oil
∙ 1/2 cup rice flour
∙ Water or milk
∙ Oil

The utensils used 
∙ A deep base frying pan
∙ Two sticks used to prepare Sel Roti (Cuptero)

∙ Bamboo woven tray (Nanglo)
∙ Cup or a funnel
Ingredients such as wheat flour, peeled and mashed ripe banana, baking soda, cardamom and cashew nuts can be added to one’s desire. These extra ingredients help in making the Roti more delectable and attractive.

At first and foremost, the rice is washed and soaked overnight. The next day, the surplus water is drained out. The rice is then blended in a mixture with banana and enough water. Then the dough is placed in a large bowl and rest of the ingredients like rice flour, sugar and butter is mixed into it. Again water is added and the batter is melded. The firmness of the batter is accustomed by adding water or rice flour as needed. On the other hand, the oil is heated in a deep frying pan. The cup or the funnel is filled with the batter. The oil temperature is tested by placing a drop of the batter into the heated oil. (The oil temperature should be at medium heat around 348 degree F to 373 degree F). Later, the batter is poured down making a full round circle, into the frying pan having heated oil on it. The two sticks (cuptero) is used to change, draw and maintain the structure of the batter in order to develop a better circle. Both the sides of the Sel are fried until they turn golden or brown in color. The Sel Roti then is taken out and placed in the bamboo woven tray (Nanglo).

It is served along with other dishes prepared during celebrations that includes varieties of curry, pickles, marinade and sometimes even yogurt. This proceeding helps to make the widely appreciated traditional food, the most delicious rings, the "SEL ROTI".