FAQs (Chefs)

How can I become a Foodmario home chef ( Foodmario Partner ) ?

Download the Foodmario Partner app from the Foodmario website. After you contact us via the app, we will visit you and thoroughly examine your kitchen to see if it meets our high sanitary standards. If everything is as of healthy kitchen standards you can start selling food from the very next day.

At what intervals will the home chefs be paid ?

Foodmario will pay the home chefs (Foodmario Partners ) once every-month, unless any special requirement. Payment delays may occur once in a while.

Who decides the home chefs ( Foodmario partners ) work schedule ?

The chefs will decide their own schedule, but they need to commit to the agreed-upon schedule (chefs can however, change the schedule after consulting with Foodmario and updating in mobile app ).

Who is deemed responsible for the complaints / compliments on the food items sent to customers ?

The home chefs are deemed solely responsible for handling the responses for their food.

How are the prices for the food items set ?

The prices for the food items are set by the home chefs themselves. And menu is decided by themselves inclusive of platform charge.

Who will provide the packaging containers ?

The home chefs are responsible for not only their food but also for carefully packing their food for delivery. The packaging needs to be of high standard quality with minimal use of plastic.

FAQs (Customers)

What’s the food-delivery time ?

The delivery time varies from 45 minutes to an hour or more. ( It is determined by the type of food you’ve ordered and the travel distance between the chef’s and your location. The delivery is not handled by Foodmario team but is outsourced to the third party delivery service.

Between which hours can I place orders ?

You can order food at any time of the day or night if food is available on app for purchase , unless we have informed about it through notification or social media page. However, it depends on our home based cooks who have to decide on taking the order on not.

How does Foodmario ensure that the home chef’s kitchen and food items are hygienic ?

Foodmario conducts thorough surprise inspections every 15 days. Also customers' reviews are of utmost importance to make sure the food is healthy. Although, its home based cooks are responsible for any responses on the food being good or bad.

How does Foodmario ensure the quality of the food ingredients used by the home chefs ?

Foodmario has strict quality standards for the food ingredients that the home chefs use. The home chefs are given a base-level quality guideline, which they have to meet for all orders.

How much does Foodmario charge as delivery fees ?

It depends on your location and what you order. It can range from zero to NPR 490.

What is the required minimum order quantity ?

None. Foodmario believes food is happiness and that happiness comes in all forms and sizes, without it having to be quantified.

Does Foodmario take custom orders ?

Yes. Our chefs do take custom orders, but the orders have to be placed a day prior to the delivery day through calls.

Does Foodmario take bulk orders ?

Yes, but since Foodmario is a home-chef-based delivery service, the order must be placed a day prior to the delivery day.

Does Foodmario deliver outside Ring Road ?

Foodmario delivers outside Ring Road—provided that the order quantity amounts to at least Rs 3,000 and is pre-ordered a day prior to the delivery day.

How is the food menu set ?

The food menu for Foodmario may change depending on the availability of the chefs for the day.

How do I download the app ?

You can download the customer app from the Foodmario website.