Want to sell food ?

If you want to be a Foodmario home chef, download the app first, add all the details on what you want to sell, click pictures, add preperation time and set prices, then Foodmario team will visit your kitchen. We will thoroughly examine the kitchen to see if it meets our high sanitary standards and if you agree to all the terms of business. Once we are satisfied with the kitchen, now you can start selling food on Foodmario. Foodmario’s current success hinges on us encouraging the chefs to take complete ownership of their business. The chefs run their own profile pages hosted on the Foodmario platform, and the chefs are encouraged to build a rapport with their customers through regular engagements. Owing to the team’s operational learnings and its robust tech platform, Foodmario can quickly bring new home chefs on board, streamline their business operations and rapidly add even more home chefs to their ever-increasing pool. In the future, Foodmario will mainly focus on bringing more home chefs on board. Essentially, the Foodmario platform will be one that anyone who has time on their hands would want to make use of to make additional income. And to reduce delivery time even further, Foodmario is pilot-testing delivery matrices with third party company to enable smooth delivery for home chefs. In the first, the company will bring on board more home chefs per geographical location and then encourage customers to order from the chefs who live closest to the delivery destination. In the second, Foodmario is setting up fully equipped co-working kitchens, which will be rented out to chefs. We’ll also ask you to comply with the following requirements: